A Live Personal Trainer
With You

Can't go to the gym but still want the guidance and accountability of a personal trainer? 

I train all of my clients LIVE OVER SKYPE, NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. Schedule a call to get started!  

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Benefits of A Live Trainer

Real time feedback on technique as you workout.

Programs designed and implemented with your goals in mind.

1-on-1 interaction.


About Your Trainer

Trevor King, FAFS

Trevor’s education includes being a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS), Certified in Applied Functional Science, Functional Manual Reaction (FMR), Functional Soft Tissue Transformation (FSTT), PTA Global Level 1 Mentorship and studies at the Fitness Institute of Australia (Sydney). His experience extends to the clinical setting with a number of years working as a physical therapy aid. Trevor also trains triathletes as an Ironman and USA Triathlon Certified Coach. He holds an MBA from the University of Southern California and a bachelor's from the University of Michigan.