FREE Training for Runners Looking To Go Faster

How to PR at Any Distance by
Improving Your Biomechanics

(No need to log more miles, in fact that may be counter productive!)

In this FREE training, you'll learn:

  • What's actually slowing us down as runners and what we can do about it
  • Demonstration of how strength and mobility play a critical role in determining our running speed
  • Why run drills don't work and may be hurting your biomechanics

The Process

We're going to talk through the exact process that I used to help Jim drop 1:15/mile on his duathlon run.

Jim went from averaging 6:45/miles to 5:30/mile. That's a huge improvement after reducing volume and getting better biomechanics.

Most athletes have the ability unlock speed by getting more efficient, but almost nobody is spending time on this!

Dave was afraid of missing the cut-off at his Ironman because he almost missed the cut-off at his half.

We applied the same process to his biomechanics and he cruised to a fantastic Ironman finish with hours to spare!

Same process. Amazing results.


Trevor's education includes being an Ironman Certified Coach, USA Triathlon Level II Certified Coach, USA Cycling Certified Coach, a Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) from the Gray Institute, personal training and sport studies at the Fitness Institute of Australia (Sydney), an MBA from the University of Southern California, a degree from the University of Michigan and various continued education seminar certifications. Trevor also worked in a clinical setting as a physical therapy aid for a number of years.